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The Great Sadness

"The 'Great Sadness' tints our vision with shades of grey and black rather than with bright, vibrant, and life-affirming colors. It sees the world through tinted windows. It is worse than blinding; it distorts the goodness of God." - The Shack by Paul Young

Sooner or later all of us will enter into the Great Sadness. It may come through the death of a loved one, our own illness or the illness of someone close. We may lose a job, get divorced, experience the emptiness of retirement, or maybe the void we feel when all of our children leave home. 
The Great Sadness can also come when life isn't what we thought it would be. We've expected life to be lived happily ever after. It was to be one great experience after another but perhaps things just didn't work out that way. In our upcoming podcast series on Grief, we will hear from people who have experienced the depths of pain that accompanies the Great Sadness. Our guests will share their personal stories and how they have coped with their pain and hear how their experiences have changed their relationship with God.

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